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October 22, 2001
Subject: Feedback from www.taubmansucks.com

It never fails to amaze me that the judicial system can not only be so complicated, but so overwhelmingly unfair and ludicrous. I really enjoyed reading everything on your web site and am glad to see that the "little guy" has not backed down to this type of flagrant oppression and bullying tactics.

One thing that I did not see and was curious to know is if you ever contacted the principals of the Taubman Company directly? It certainly seems to me that Julie A. Greenberg and the law firm of Gifford, Krass, Groh, Sprinkle, Anderson & Citkowski have done a grave disservice to their client by not keeping the Taubman Company's best interest in mind. I imagine that at this point it would be ill-advised to contact the Taubman Company directly.

I saw the link for your site on a newsgroup and am glad that I followed it. While I live in Texas, and most of the people who I will be forwarding the link on to also live in Texas, we will be unable to have any direct commercial impact on your situation (i.e. we don't live anywhere near the mall). I think that more people should be aware of this type of behavior. Have you considered news and media sources?

Good luck to you and your case. I will be re-visiting the website frequently to see how it plays out.

    -- Brad Williams

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