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August 21, 2002
Subject: taubmansucks.com

After reading the information provided at TaubmanSucks.com, it shows exactly how wasteful some attorneys are with their clients' money.

If Taubman ever opens anything in Georgia (that I know about anyway), I'll make it a point to stay away from there. It's absolutely incomprehensible that companies have the money to pay their sleazy CEO millions of dollars and their attorneys an equally obscene amount to push their views, but can't pay their low-level employees a decent salary. Unfortunately, this seems to be the trend lately.

I've been in the MIS/IT industry since 1967 and if I ever get a chance to recommend someone for work, you'll be the first I think of. I'll do this for two reasons: (1) I thought your briefs were well done for someone not familiar with "the system," and (2) you're standing up to these clowns and their legal hired guns.

I hope the courts see what a frivolous suit this is and find in your favor!!

NOTE: Ms. Greenberg, if you don't like my comments, feel free to sue me. I'll set aside any two or three years you like, just to "play."

    -- Irvin Kuehn

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