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November 15, 2001
To: jgreenberg@patlaw.com, kmacdonald@taubman.com,
bbaker@taubman.com, cgies@taubman.com,
jlnelson@taubman.com, padams@taubman.com,
dboxer@taubman.com, danton@taubman.com,
asaleh@taubman.com, dweinert@taubman.com,
dfriedman@taubman.com, amastin@taubman.com,
Subject: case

Dear Julie Greenberg and Taubman management,

Recently I came across information about your company (be prepared for 100's more responses when this hits a certain popular online magazine). The story lead me to this URL:

It was with utmost disappointment and anger that I read about your current legal actions against a Mr. Hank Mishkoff. At first I thought I was mistaken: would a company actually sue someone for a fan site, devoted to promoting additional business to their establishment? Surely, no. But yes! You ACTUALLY SUE someone who (was) DRIVING YOU BUSINESS!

That's just plain nuts.

This bonehead move on your part has cost you a year of litigation and expenses. And do you know what you've gotten for it? NOTHING, except a BAD REPUTATION. Because I, nor anyone who cares to listen, will have anything to do with your shopping malls.

And to think, you, with your 1+ million dollar salaries, are dragging a responsible small-time local businessman into the dirt, on his dime. For what? You lose nothing by allowing his fan site to run. The only people who gain here are YOUR LAWYERS. I hope you realize this. They are dragging your good name into the mud just to milk you with their own justified existence. Congratulations!

And Julie, I read your letters, briefs, and voicemails. Just two questions:

    How do you live with yourself?
    Can you smile when you tell people what you do?

PS - When will you lawyers learn that Cyber-Bullying American citizens in the name of Copyright Infringement (cough, squashing criticism, cough) only makes you more enemies than it does to protect your image?

Now hundreds of thousands know all about your little $1000 settlement. The cat's outta the bag, folks!

For shame, chumpstain.

A No-Longer-Customer,

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