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March 28, 2005
Subject: Adventures with Lawyers

On one hand I'm happy to see someone fully engaged with and exposing human beings leading a worthless life. This includes almost all lawyers including your relatives, sad to say. Atticus Finch was but a literary fantasy after all. What you've really done is simply engage this law firm in that thing they do best. These people spend all their time and extract a great deal of money from their clients performing exactly this sort of "process harassment" on both individuals and small companies.

The corporate owner of the mall is making so much money off the bad consumer decisions of their customers they don't even notice the extra legal expenses you have forced them to incur. Just imagine how many hours and resources this law firm has been able to bill to yet another stupid corporate client for what you have demonstrated is a questionable gain.

And so we have 2 bull terriers pulling on opposite ends of a short piece of rope each refusing to let go. The only difference is that one of the dogs is getting paid a great deal of money to pull their end and will happily so do until the client is broke.

    -- Peter Berger

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