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February 8, 2003
Subject: Magna Cum Laude in juris

Congratulations on your victory vs. Taubman, and for graciously expending so much of your time and energy to prove that the Constitution still applies in the Digital Millennium, and to help secure the right of free speech for all.

There is so much bad news for privacy, free expression, and liberty in the news these days that it is refreshing to hear of something positive.

I became aware of your case by subscribing to politech, and have been following it with some interest, and am gratified to see that it has been so favorably concluded.

The fact that Ms. Greenberg had at one time concluded a settlement, which she lost by overreaching, must be particularly galling to her. I appreciate your courage in standing up to this kind of abuse, and hope that I can do the same if my turn comes up. I'm determined now to begin contributing to Public Citizen, and keep up with EFF.

I have read a lot of the material at your ...sucks.com website, and find your intelligence and sense of humor comes through clearly. I'm sure it must have been hard to hang on to it at times.

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